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<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Over the past two decades I have been lucky enough to work with dozens of business and political leaders.The best leaders are those that are able to make professional decisions quickly

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Most of us aspire to be remembered fondly and reverently, having left a positive mark on the world, or the business you have been at the helm of.‘Great is the art

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Amid escalating cybercrime threats British-based cybersecurity firm Darktrace have reported a robust quarter with revenues surging by over a 25 per cent, driven by heightened demand from concerned companies.In the three

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The artificial intelligence (AI) skills gap is holding back public sector projects with 60 per cent labelling the shortage as their top implementation challenge.Although all industries are facing a shortage, the

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The UK economy exhibited signs of recovery as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose by 0.1 per cent in February, propelled by improved performance in both the production and services sectors.According to

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Meta, the social media giant behind the encrypted messaging app WhatsApp, is facing criticism from educators, lawmakers, and activists for its recent move to lower the minimum age for users from

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has voiced significant concerns regarding the formidable grip of major technology corporations, including Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI),

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>New guidance to ensure that Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) acts as a force for good in society has been published by BSI, aiming to help organisations navigate the ethical challenges associated