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Totem is a hybrid events platform that allows users to host events of any size - from a roundtable of ten to a multi-track event for 10,000 people. Chris Bo Shields has reimagined the

Government spending on infrastructure is increasing tremendously to keep up with the pace of urbanisation, making capital portfolio management a more complicated and laborious task than ever. One way to help portfolio managers to

Amazon is handing out weekly bonuses worth GBP50 to ensure that its permanent staff turn up for work on time. The giant online retailer said that the cash was designed to help it to

Supermarkets recruiting lorry drivers by offering higher wages will lead to shortages of hauliers needed to deliver to schools, prisons and wholesalers, MPs have been warned. The risk to the economy from the government's

Facebook's WhatsApp was fined a record EUR225 million by the Irish data protection regulator today after the European Union privacy watchdog pressured Ireland to raise the penalty for the company's privacy breaches. WhatsApp said

Apple is preparing to loosen payment rules on its App Store for some subscription media platforms, such as Netflix and Spotify, as it grapples with a multitude of legal challenges. The technology group, facing

One in ten shoppers opting for "buy now, pay later" services are being chased by debt collectors amid surging demand for this form of credit, according to a Citizens Advice report. Regulators urgently need

It is not all about startup capital or amazing pitch decks when it comes to the venture world. Every entrepreneur should take the time to understand the ways to become a better leader. If