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<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The commercial property market may be approaching its nadir as more workers return to the office, according to Land Securities, one of the UK’s largest landlords.Mark Allan, CEO of Land Securities,

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Challenging economic conditions have led to an 18 per cent surge in company insolvencies during April, as rising debt levels, higher interest rates, and spending cuts took their toll.According to data

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The forthcoming election presents a significant opportunity to rethink the role of business in society, according to Chris Turner, campaign director of the Better Business Act.Speaking to a Barbican audience during

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>After losing twice in the protracted ‘mega marshmallows’ tax case, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced its intention to file yet another appeal.Last month, the Upper Tax Tribunal upheld a

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Shares in Reddit have surged more than 10% following the announcement of a partnership deal with artificial intelligence (AI) start-up OpenAI.This agreement grants OpenAI access to Reddit’s content while introducing AI-powered

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has pledged further tax cuts for the autumn, asserting that the UK economy has “turned a corner.”In a bid to draw clear distinctions ahead of the next election,

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The number of UK bank branches that have permanently closed their doors over the past nine years will surpass 6,000 on Friday, a milestone that highlights the significant impact on local

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Inflation has significantly reshaped the UK economy, steering households towards the highest savings rate in three decades and reducing spending by £50 billion, according to the Resolution Foundation.In a recent report,