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Leading UK tech companies are joining forces to accelerate progress to net zero, support tech companies in making a climate action plan and use tech to help the 100 million customers they serve

Demands from businesses to extend the furlough scheme were rejected by Rishi Sunak last night – despite the expected delay to ending lockdown. The hugely expensive wage support fund is due to start being

Read any guide on the best way to market your business and you’re bound to find social media high up the list — and sometimes, the only thing on the list. But what if

Boris Johnson will appeal to the nation to be patient today as he announces that the June 21 easing of lockdown restrictions will be delayed by up to four weeks. The prime minister will

Cardiff’s airport was hardest hit by the Covid pandemic in the UK last year, seeing an 87% decline in passengers, figures show. Traveller numbers there dropped from 1,656,085 in 2019 to 219,984 in 2020. In

Women’s working hours have fallen less then men’s during the pandemic, scotching fears that they would be worse hit, research has found. The fall in women’s total hours worked has been about a third

Britain must not “yo-yo” in and out of lockdown, Dominic Raab said yesterday in preparation for the prime minister’s announcement of a delay to the end of Covid-19 restrictions. The foreign secretary suggested that

A delay to the full unlocking of Covid-19 restrictions will be devastating for businesses and require a comprehensive extension of emergency support to avoid further widespread job losses, the government has been warned. Employers’