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<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, has resigned from her position at the social media company. Her departure comes amid ongoing criticism regarding the platform’s approach to content moderation and

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>For the second year running, the top business opportunity for SMEs is the return of clients as the economy stabilises, according to a new report. One in five SME owners see this

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>Policymakers have a golden opportunity to help small firms make the most of tourism season this summer as the holiday season kicks off, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB.) The

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>Food prices in the UK have soared at their fastest rate for almost 45 years, with grocery prices rising by 19.1% in the year to April. “I know people are paying more

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>Uncertainty about whether the UK economy will tip into a recession caused by sky high inflation and the Bank of England hiking interest rates aggressively to tame it is keeping businesses

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>The UK’s most prominent business lobby group, the Confederation of British Industry, is to lay off a swathe of its staff as it fights for survival amid a crisis prompted by

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>British Airways has been fined $1.1 million by the U.S. Transportation Department (USDOT) for failing to provide timely refunds to passengers for flights to and from the United States during the

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ??>Britain’s major retailers and food manufacturers are increasing their lobbying efforts to postpone significant environmental reforms that will require them to pay for the collection and recycling of household packaging waste