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TEA WARE used for tea ceremonies — BRONTË H. LACSAMANANATURAL aesthetics are celebrated in Japanese culture. In ceramics, high-fire techniques result in unglazed wares that show how the goal of ceramic pieces is not to be as polished as possible, but instead are valued for

By Juaniyo Arcellana WHEN first we moved to the city shortly after the turn of the millennium, we tried our best to take mental notes of the landmarks to help navigate through the maze of a new environment — the grocery, schools, jeepney stops and routes,

STATE-RUN Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) said its outstanding financial obligation stood at P283.28 billion as of the end of May. This amount represents a decrease of P957.32 billion from the P1.24-trillion debt accumulated in 2003, according to PSALM’s data. The latest financial obligation

1 of 6Jethro Jocson solo exhibition at Alliance FrançaiseWITH a palette of vibrant colors, playful textures, and nostalgic motifs, the exhibit “Resurrect”by Jethro R. Jocson acts as a portal to the past and a bridge to the present self and beyond. By utilizing whimsical and