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“New 28K Incubator Push Charity Challenge by Ickle Pickles Aims to Aid Premature Babies”

London’s Beddington Park will be the center of attention on July 13th as Ickle Pickles hosts their first-of-its-kind charity event – the 28K Incubator Push challenge. This unique fundraiser event aims to raise critical funds for life-saving neonatal care units and is set to be the Charity’s most unique endeavor yet.

The event will bring together communities and hospitals nationwide to raise funds for essential equipment in neonatal units, such as incubators, ventilators, oxygen, brain monitors, and feeding pumps. These equipment are vital for the survival of premature and sick babies, but they come at a high cost – a single incubator can cost up to £28,000, and caring for a baby in a neonatal unit can cost up to £2000 a day. With one in thirteen babies being born prematurely in the UK each year, Ickle Pickles is on a mission to give every newborn a fighting chance.

Julie Voong, an ambassador for Ickle Pickle Children’s Charity, emphasizes the importance of this cause, stating that “there is no greater fight than ensuring a child has the chance to survive.” She calls on the public to support their mission and become a NeoHero by helping them raise essential funds for sick and premature babies.

The 28K Incubator Push charity event promises an epic day of endurance, with participants pushing 28 laps to raise £28,000 in honor of the tiniest patients who are also the biggest fighters. But this challenge is more than just a fundraiser – it aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by sick and premature babies and their families and to improve neonatal care for a brighter tomorrow. Co-founder of Ickle Pickles and mother of a premature boy, Rachael, states that this event is a testament to the charity’s dedication to providing unique ways for everyone to participate in the fight for every child’s survival.

Among the participants is Jack, a young boy who was born prematurely and survived thanks to the care he received at a neonatal unit supported by Ickle Pickles. With a deeply personal connection to the charity’s cause, Jack and his parents are determined to give back and help other babies like him get the best start in life. “We owe so much to the support we received for our son,” said Jack’s parents, who are calling on people from all walks of life to join them on July 13th for Ickle Pickles’ 28K Incubator Push charity challenge.

The Ickle Pickles Charity invites hospitals, companies, and communities to participate in this groundbreaking fundraising initiative. Individuals can sign up for an individual lap or register to take turns as a team. The charity emphasizes that every effort counts, whether it be participating in the incubator push, volunteering, donating, or simply sharing their stories.

About Ickle Pickles:

Ickle Pickles is a Children’s Charity that works and campaigns nationally to give every newborn a chance. Since 2009, the charity has provided small and large equipment for over 50 neonatal units around the UK and continues to fight for the survival of every “ickle pickle.”

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