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Sekura.id Announced as Official GSMA Open Gateway Channel Partner

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Sekura.id, the pioneer in mobile network identity integration, is thrilled to declare its official partnership with the GSMA as an Open Gateway Channel Partner. This significant collaboration in the telecommunications industry allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and enterprises across the globe to seamlessly expose and commercialise their data via Sekura.id’s Open Gateway platform.

Exploring New Opportunities with Open Gateway

The GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative is a groundbreaking step, permitting MNOs to harness their valuable signals and network functionalities via standardised APIs for a variety of services including SIM Swap, Number Verification, Authentication, and Know Your Customer (KYC), amongst others.

Sekura.id: Your expert Channel PartnerAs an Open Gateway Channel Partner, Sekura.id brings decades of experience and continued delivery, having connected over 75 of the world’s leading operators and looks forward to supporting the 240 newly committed partners with its industry-leading platform, renowned for its speed, reliability, security, and self-healing capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted service with unlimited bandwidth.

The GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative is a transformative step, allowing MNOs to leverage their valuable signals and network capabilities via standardised APIs for services like SIM Swap, Number Verification, Authentication, and Know Your Customer (KYC), among many others. 

Why choose Sekura.id?

Experience and expertise: The Sekura.id team has been at the leading edge of mobile identity innovation and API integration, providing seamless connectivity and compliance for operators and enterprises alike, day in, and day out since 2019.
Comprehensive support: We handle all technical integrations and remove obstacles, ensuring that operators and enterprises meet Open Gateway specifications and can swiftly commercialise their APIs with just one contract.
Rapid deployment: With Sekura.id, operators can deploy services within six weeks and start generating revenue in just 12 weeks.
Global reach: Sekura.id has a proven track record of success across six continents, helping MNOs and enterprises tap into new revenue streams and operational efficiencies.

A paradigm shift in service delivery

The GSMA describes Open Gateway as a ‘paradigm shift’ in the telecom industry; this initiative not only enhances the way services are delivered but also provides a significant opportunity for both operators and enterprises to innovate and expand their offerings, generating significant extra revenue. By partnering with Sekura.id, they gain access to a platform that has helped MNOs and enterprises deploy and monetise APIs easily and securely.

Join the ecosystem today

Sekura.id is committed to making it incredibly easy for both Mobile Network Operators and enterprises to join the Open Gateway ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to commercialise APIs or integrate new services, the Sekura.id team provides comprehensive consultation and technical support to ensure your success.

Get in touch with Sekura.id

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business with Open Gateway. Contact Sekura.id today and let us help you make the most of this game-changing opportunity. Benefit from the SAFr platform and unparalleled industry expertise and be first to market with Sekura.id as your Open Gateway partner. 

www.sekura.id/open-gateway | partners@sekura.id

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