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BW FILE PHOTOAREIT, Inc. announced on Tuesday that its net income surged by 43% to P4.93 billion in 2023, driven by increased occupancy rates and asset acquisitions.The company’s revenue increased by 41% to P7.14 billion, while earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization rose by

BRONTË H. LACSAMANAARTIST Mark Justiniani’s latest installation exhibition, called “Void of Spectacles,” challenges the audience to venture over vast, daunting, mirrored spaces.There, beyond the illusion of falling into a void, a confrontation with Filipino identity and memory takes place.The art is experiential, accommodating only one

FREEPIKIn the past, cybersecurity and disinformation did not figure as threats, simply because they were nonexistent. The more obvious security threats were physical ones against our territorial defense. But with technology’s increasing prevalence and society’s reliance on it, societies are, more than ever, vulnerable to