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“Author Proposes Sex Education as Solution for Combating Sexism, Bigotry, and Authoritarianism in New Book and Website”

New Book and Website Suggest COVID-19 Pandemic Has Fueled Increase in Racism, Misogyny, and Anti-Democratic Extremism

Thursday 1 February, 2024 – Author Ard Falten presents a provocative theory in his new book, “Sex On the Wrong Brain,” as well as on his accompanying website and screenplay. According to Falten, recent worldwide increases in racism, misogyny, and anti-democratic extremism can be attributed to a misplaced reproductive energy caused by COVID pandemic lockdowns and isolation.

Falten explains, “When the health agencies of New York City and Australian states NSW and Queensland suggested masturbation as a safe sex alternative during the COVID pandemic, they should have specified which hand to use.”

The theory, known as Sex on the Wrong Brain (SOWB), proposes that the hand humans use for sexual activity can have a significant impact on their thoughts and behavior. Falten suggests that using the right hand, which is connected to the left brain hemisphere, has led to thousands of years of greed, authoritarianism, patriarchy, and war. He argues that this mentality is now threatening Earth with global warming.

Falten explains, “COVID-19 was a mass sex on the wrong brain event. Social distancing and lock-downs did what authoritarians always do. Whether it’s Texas or Russia, the Roman or British empires, Nazi Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, or the Taliban, the underlying purpose to repress sex and control women and reproductive rights is to increase frustration in the right-handed men that authoritarian leaders need to serve them.”

The website associated with the book provides further details on the theory, claiming that using the right hand for sexual activity associates impatient satisfaction-demanding reproductive urges with left-brain dominant thinking, which should be patient and objective. This, in turn, leads to a desire for quick and easy answers, premature conclusions, and the need for certainty. As the need for certainty increases, so does the stress and fear caused by sources of uncertainty.

According to the website, authoritarianism is closely linked to fear of uncertainty and is sometimes measured with the Uncertainty Avoidance Index. The site introduces the concept of Certainty Deficit Disorder (CDD) as a symptom of sex on the wrong brain and blames it for a wide range of extreme and anti-democratic behavior used by humans to reduce and control uncertainty and create certainty.

The dynamic between certainty and uncertainty is used to explain authoritarianism:

– As the need for certainty increases, so does the fear of sources of uncertainty, such as change, diversity, unpredictability, disorder, and nature.– Authoritarian leaders are expected to be certain, confident, decisive, and always right, qualities that followers equate with intelligence and strength.– As chaos and uncertainty increase, so does the value of the certitude projected by authoritarian leaders and their symbols and organizations.– Authoritarian leaders and ideologies create certainty through order and control, and by simplifying the world into binary absolutes such as right and wrong and good and evil, fueling intolerance, bigotry, and extremism.– Complex problems and issues that generate uncertainty, such as global warming and immigration, are often oversimplified or ignored.

The website also suggests that associating sex with punishment and guilt helps authoritarians establish thought patterns that redirect reproductive energy to reward and justify the creation of non-existent certainty. This can promote deceit, denial, hypocrisy, and sexual dysfunction. Authoritarians learn to prioritize certainty over truth.

The sexonthewrongbrain.com website explains:

– How SOWB increases greed and sexual dysfunction.– Factors that affect SOWB levels include ancestry, gender, libido, frustration, culture, religion, etc.– Why females generally have less SOWB.– That SOWB can worsen with age as SOWB-based thought patterns become entrenched and opportunities for real sex diminish.– People descended from older civilizations generally have more SOWB.– People with more SOWB can perceive people with less SOWB as inferior or threatening, contributing to misogyny and bigotry.– Culture, social stratification, discrimination, and religion have been used to increase SOWB.– SOWB can trigger violence and mental health issues.– Why human ancestors evolved from 50% to 90% right-handed.– SOWB levels were low for 99% of human evolution but increased significantly in recent centuries as civilizations increased sexual repression.– Evolutionary implications and possibilities for research.

Falten also suggests that understanding the importance of sex on the wrong brain in human thought and history might make artificial intelligence less dangerous. He explains, “Artificial intelligence can reflect human biases and overconfidence. While AIs don’t have hands and reproductive organs, their developers do. Overconfident AIs can be dangerous, and that is why uncertainty quantification, or UQ, plays an important role in AI decision making and predictions. AIs can be

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