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ROBERT LAURSOO-UNSPLASHUsed tires, millions of them, usually end up in landfills. People can recycle only so much of them, turning them into planters or trash bins or other things. At some point, in the 1970s-1980s, many used tires ended up in oceans as artificial reefs

As expected, a number of business groups and organized employers have opposed any kind of across-the-board legislated wage hike. The statement of the business groups projected images of widespread begging and business closures. One headline read, “Wage hike plan to send 42 million begging for

ROBIN JONATHAN DEUTSCH-UNSPLASHMEETINGS, especially those prescribed by company by-laws or regulatory agencies, are set up in advance, checking the availability of attendees and the agenda to be taken up. VIPs with their busy schedules involving some financial crisis, visits from investors, appearances in congressional hearings,