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The Haval H6 (left) and Haval Jolion — PHOTO FROM GREAT WALL MOTORGREAT WALL MOTOR (GWM) readies to enter the Philippine automotive market — recently previewing its offerings to members of the media and other guests.In a message, GWM ASEAN President Elliott Zhang said, “Today,

An all-electric Porsche Taycan is one of the EV models that is, well, leading the charge in the Philippines. — PHOTO BY KAP MACEDA AGUILACHANGE DOES NOT always move in one direction. It’s often more complicated than that. Take, for example, the global momentum toward

1 of 8Interesting products and the backing of two big dealer groups should give this new brand from China an edgeIT’S AN exceptionally exciting time for Philippine automotive scene as I personally don’t recall ever witnessing this many brands making a splash in the industry

IN its 2021 annual report, Swedish retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) identified one trend as a “high” risk to its business for the first time, higher-risk even than increased energy costs or availability of raw materials. Should consumers increasingly prefer “products and services with