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FILIPINOS in face masks visit a market in Marikina City. — PHILIPPINE STAR/ WALTER BOLLOZOSThere are some interesting developments in our demographic space in the Philippines.Way back in 2015, Dr. Dennis S. Mapa in his commissioned study* for the United Nations Population Fund and the

KJPARGETER-FREEPIKNot only the alleged involvement of government officials in it is among the fallouts in the investigation of — and hopefully the prosecution and punishment of those responsible for — the murder of broadcaster and online journalist Percy Lapid (Percival Mabasa). It is also its

NGUYEN DANG HOANG NHU-UNSPLASHThe Spanish Jesuit Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658) wrote a book of stratagems for attaining excellence in a competitive world. A Pocket Mirror for Heroes reflects the individual as he really is and who he ought to be. It provides an image of ethical

RENE BERNAL-UNSPLASHIf ever there is a crisis the Philippines must urgently confront, utterly paramount is the deteriorating state of our families and children.From the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data, we see that in 2010, 765,074 illegitimate babies were born. One year later, in 2011 —