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Don’t look now, but the Bucks are struggling. After hitting the ground running and torching the National Basketball Association with nine straight victories to start their 2022-23 campaign, they’ve suffered setbacks in four of their last six matches, including one to the otherwise-lowly Spurs. The

RESIDENTS of Happyland in Tondo collect discarded boxes and plastic bottles to sell at junk shops. — PHILIPPINE STAR/ MIGUEL DE GUZMAN(Part 1)The Atlas Network (https://www.atlasnetwork.org/) partnered with the Foundation for Economic Freedom or FEF (https://www.fef.org.ph/) to organize and host the “Asia Liberty Forum”

REMY GIELING-UNSPLASHDani Rodrik a world-renowned professor of economics known for his trenchant criticism of globalization (his preferred term: “hyper-globalization”), was the keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Philippine Economics Society (PES). Prof. Rodrik’s titled his speech: “What next after hyper-globalization and export-oriented industrialization?”The

ARTPHOTO_STUDIO-FREEPIKSteel manufacturing is fundamental in the industrialization of any economy. The Philippines was the second Asian nation to build a steel manufacturing plant, in Iligan City, Mindanao. It was envisaged to be the basis for the rapid industrialization of the country.During its heyday, the National