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DMITRY BERDNYK-UNSPLASHTHE BOARD of Investments (BoI) is unlikely to reach its target of approving P1 trillion in new investments this year, reflecting the impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict on global investor sentiment.Ceferino S. Rodolfo, Trade undersecretary and BoI managing head, told reporters on Monday

A SCENE from Nosferatu.THE INTERNATIONAL Silent Film Festival returns to the big screen with nine films from different countries (including three from our own) and local talent providing the accompanying score.The film festival will run from Nov. 24 to 27 at the movie theaters of

1 of 6Cinema ‘76 Film Society reopens new branch with QCinemaIT’S A double celebration as Cinema ‘76 Film Society opens its new branch at the second floor of the Terraces Building at Tomas Morato corner Scout Borromeo in Quezon City with a lineup of movies