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DCSTUDIO-FREEPIK(Part 3)Although institutes of higher education are indispensable in turning out the talents needed by the new types of skills being demanded by more and more complex forms of information technology and business process management  (IT-BPM) services (such as those in data analytics), even more

MAX BENDER-UNSPLASHThese days we talk about digital infrastructure, digital readiness, and the possibilities that technology offers. On a grander scale, digital advances have furthered the interconnectedness of states in the geopolitical and economic spheres and heightened the connectivity of the global community.In recent years and

PHILIPPINE STAR/KRIZ JOHN ROSALESThe unregulated purchase, use, and deactivation of SIM cards made it difficult for law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend those who commit wrongdoings with the use of cellular phones. For years, it has been common to see news articles of victims