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Anyone who has watched the movie Avengers: Endgame will remember the villain Thanos saying, “I am inevitable.” The whole idea for making this claim is to impress upon moviegoers that the villain will be near-impossible to stop, despite the heroes’ best efforts.Thanos came to mind

SETYAKI IRHAM-UNSPLASHAlmost three months into the new administration and the President is still to appoint a permanent Health Secretary. Meantime, the battle against COVID-19 continues, the state of public health emergency remains, and the threat of the local spread of monkeypox and the possible resurgence

ERIC ROTHERMEL-UNSPLASHA DECLARED “open door” policy (my door is open… you can drop in on me anytime) in practice only applies to those higher up the corporate ladder. Everybody else, including those on the same level (but with lower Guaranteed Annual Cash Compensation), need to