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To argue that the Yankees have struggled for form in the second half of the 2022 campaign of Major League Baseball would be to understate the obvious. They began it with a 64-28 record, a whopping 15 games better than that of the second-running Blue

JEREMY BEZANGER-UNSPLASHLast week, we concluded Part 1 with the observation that the most disruptive aspect of digital transformation is perhaps its implications on the concept of money. With an expanding platform, Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Ripple threaten to challenge fiat money, that which is issued by

President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. was in the United States on a six-day state visit, and was pointedly absent during the 50th commemoration of his father’s Sept. 21, 1972, Presidential Proclamation (PP) 1081 which placed the entire Philippines under martial law.PP 1081 was implemented in the

SPENCER DAVIS-UNSPLASHSignificant studies and scientific findings have come out over the past few weeks, all not getting the appropriate airing that we deserve from news media. They have to do with the possible harmful effects of COVID vaccines.VACCINES MORE HARMFUL THAN COVIDThe most significant is