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BusinessWorld reported on Oct. 5 that the National Privacy Commission has received reports of leaked contact-tracing data resulting in "phishing attacks" via mobile phone text messages. In a bulletin issued Tuesday, the commission noted the possible misuse of personal information disclosed by the public in

PEXELS-EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA+PIXABAYA Rappler report by Lian Buan datelined Sept. 28, and entitled "Anti-graft court orders turnover to PH gov't of P1B Marcos loot" was, by some strange coincidence, preceded by our piece on the July 28 Bloomberg report, "Where did Marcos hide his $10 Billion

UP TO THE LATE '60s, before our current multi-party system, now including even party-lists with questionable advocacy groups and those heading them, two major parties held a convention to pick their ticket, headed by the top two positions. Now, a party can be hi-jacked by

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated digitization in all aspects of life, and the growing realm of e-sports and gaming in the Philippines is no exception. With a surge of opportunities within the industry and a continuous evolution of technology across multiple platforms, the